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What is this ?

This is a demo page for the EnhanceNLMTeXwMML tool. It takes, as input, a valid XML file that can contain mathematical formulae both as textual TEX formulas within the text data of various element, or formatted as <inline-formula> or <disp-formula> element with its internal EuDML v1.0 DTD structure, containing a TEX-encoded version of the formula in the <tex-math> element. It returns the same file with unchanged content except that a <mml:math> element is added as an alternative within <*-formula>, with a MathML representation of the formula derived from the provided TEX version, and a similar structure is created for textual TEX formulae. It is a batch tool that will upgrade any existing metadata with (presentation) MathML for any formula written in TEX, as long as the TEX functions are known to the compiler.

The tool is written in Java and can either be called directly from another Java program, or can be made available as a REST service. EnhanceNLMTeXwMML relies on TeX2NLM for the actual conversion from TEX strings to MathML (a demo is available here). This tool is free software governed by the CeCILL-C license that can be found at http://www.cecill.info/.

How to use it ?

The assumptions for this tool are the following:

The result is another similar Java DOM document, where every <*-formula> element that had a TEX version now has an <alternatives> child, containing both TEX and MathML versions (and other alternatives that were previously present), and every TEX formula found within the text data of other elements is replaced by the appropriate <*-formula> element containing both the original TEX and it’s MathML equivalent. If no such formulae are present in the document, the result is identical to the source.